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Be a Presenter at CASLI 2022

We are looking for presenters

We are looking for speakers come from all corners of the country (and even the globe) to share their knowledge in this noteworthy conference. Check back here to take a look at their bios to learn more about their backgrounds and the insights you’ll hear from them at our conference.


If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch.


Culture, Identity, and Diversity

Globally, communities are recognizing the impacts of colonialization, white privilege, and the racism embedded in our societies. In the Canadian context this includes the uneven progress towards Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, as well as the call from all people of colour and allies for anti-racism policies and mindsets.

Online Tutorial

Learn. Share. Change the World.

CASLI 2022 Conference organizers seek presenters – deaf and nondeaf – who can contribute to the education of interpreters by sharing your research, background, expertise, experiences (lived and worked) discussing topics such as:

  • Truth and Reconciliation

  • Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, White Privilege

  • Bias, discrimination, race, racism, racialization, prejudice

  • Dimensions of racism (individual, internalized, institutional, systemic)

  • Anti-racism, allyship and responding to racism (e.g. individual, internalized, institutional, systemic)

On a Video Call

Applications Process

We're collaborating to define the process of applying for CASLI 2022. Watch your email and check back here for updates. Email with questions, concerns, or comments.

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